Di. Dez 5th, 2023

Developers of the Dash Core Group (DCG) have announced the release of a new version of the technology stack to run decentralized applications in the Evonet test network – the Dash Platform v0.16.

This is the fifth release of the platform since its launch. The DCG team usually makes updates every six weeks, gradually moving the Dash Platform functionality to Evonet.

DCG has announced that it has entered the final phase of the plan and will combine two releases in the next update to reduce operating costs. Their release is planned for the end/middle of December.

Among the most important changes included in the presented release, the developers named:

  • the revision of the Dash Platform protocol to improve data storage efficiency;
  • simplifying the definition of binary properties in the data contract;
  • updating the structure and rules of ID reconciliation;
  • fixes that eliminated the source of non-determinism in block processing.
  • The team presented the previous release of the platform in September.

Earlier DCG said that Dash should not be perceived as a confidential cryptographic currency, and its best definition is a payment tool.

What is DASH (Dash)?

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