Di. Dez 5th, 2023

Summary of IOTA’s Achievements:

  • IOTA is the 5th largest blockchain protocol in terms of development activities.
  • IOTA is a founding member and participant of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA).
  • The IOTA Foundation actively contributed to INATBA’s Social Impact & Sustainability Working Group (SISWG) in 2022.

Ranking #5 on GitHub

The IOTA Distributed Ledger Technology has been holding the forte in developing highly specialized use cases for blockchain over the past year. According to its GitHub activities, the IOTA protocol is ranked as the 5th largest protocol with respect to development activities. The DLT ranked only below Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM), Status (SNT), and Ethereum (ETH) as the most prominent blockchain protocol.

Contributing to INATBA

As a founding member of INATBA, IOTA played a vital role in some of the most important initiatives of the body in 2022. INATBA has a number of active working groups including the Social Impact & Sustainability Working Group (SISWG), the Privacy Working Group (PWG), and the Finance Working Group (FWG). These working groups are tasked with making research and discoveries to promote core goals INATBA. The IOTA foundation was a prominent contributor to works done by SISWG last year under leadership from Senior Regulatory Affairs Expert Mariana de la Roche.

Promoting Adoption

The aim behind these efforts is simple – promote adoption and compliance worldwide so that billion-dollar markets can be conquered by DLT technology. With its deep roots in promoting social impact reforms, financial services, data privacy, sustainability, etc., there can be no doubt that IOTA will remain an essential part of driving global blockchain adoption into mainstream markets.

Focusing on Initiatives

With all these upheavals ranging from bankruptcies to regulatory strain happening last year, it was important for IOTA to take charge and focus more on initiatives that can help promote general outlook about new technology. It did not shy away from taking up this responsibility which makes it even more remarkable since it required high technical skill set along with strategic decision making capabilities.


Overall, it has been an exciting journey for IOTA as it continues its mission towards global compliance adoption so that billion-dollar markets are conquered using distributed ledger technologies such as theirs. This will help promote higher levels of trust throughout society while creating greater opportunities for everyone involved within this space

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